From Canada to Clough... by Lauren Noakes

Charles Clough worked at the BGS for a whopping 41 years, right up until his untimely death on this day in 1916. He’s a famous face around our BGS Edinburgh office, photos of him can be spotted along the corridors and his skill for detailed geological mapping is legendary. So it was a fantastic honour to have his great granddaughter Trena, and her family, travel over 3000 miles from Canada last week to visit the place he loved and work.

These photos show Trena, her husband Ken and their daughter Sage (Clough’s great great granddaughter) looking through some of Cloughs field maps and artefacts from his time at the BGS.
Pouring over a small part of the work Clough contributed to during his time at the BGS

Members of BGS and Edinburgh GeolSoc with Trena and her family

Sage holding the Clough medal - an annual award given by the Edinburgh Geological Society to promote the study of the geology of Scotland and north England

Their story has also made the news in Huddersfield (article in the Huddersfield Examiner)where he was born as Trena and family continued their journey visiting other areas where memorials have been erected in Clough’s memory. He really was a great man much respected for his keen scientific mind and geological eye. We're very proud he spent 41 years sharpening these skills at the BGS and helped build its reputation (then and now!) for being a world class leader in geological mapping.
Thanks so much to Trena and her family for visiting us, it was a privilege to share with you our Clough collection.