Getting to know Andrew Finlayson

Next up on the hot seat (or cold seat - we are on a glacier after all) is Andrew Finlayson, who's been towing a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system around Virkisjokull for the last week, trying to map out the base of the glacier and large scale structures within it.

Your name: Andrew Finlayson
Your job title: Quaternary geologist
What that means in 5 words or less: Geography, and breaking geophysical kit.
Date: Friday 26 April
What did you do today: Explored new heights on Virkisjokull, and felt smug when Verity's steam drilling proved there is pressurised water in englacial thrusts.
What creature comforts from home do you travel with? 'Best Served Cold', lent me by Emrys
What's for dinner? Ask Jez - he's cooking again!
What did you want to be when you grew up? Don't know, but something in the outdoors (still applies!)
What's your favourite band? Incubus
Favourite movie hero? The Dude (Jeff Lebowski)
Pet hate? Fibre optic cable
Favourite geological words? Made ground

Quick fire finale
Hammer or hand lens? An ice axe is more useful on the glacier!
The Day after Tomorrow or Waterworld? Waterworld...
David or Richard (Attenborough): David
Hutton or Smith? Who?
Cox or Stewart? Cox

Andrew on Virkisjokull