Getting to know you..... by Paul Witney

Another victim for our 20* questions has been found in Iceland.... roll up Paul Witney....

Paul (with the big camera!) on the glacier
with Jez Everest

Getting to know you
Your name: Paul Witney
Your job title: Photography Service Manager
What that means in 5 words or less: I take nice snaps
Date: St George's Day
What did you do today: I made a snow lady, and made a time-lapse movie of us building her. It snowing too hard this morning to do much else!

What creature comforts from home do you travel with? I would say my camera but that's a work essential! A bottle of whisky.
Pet hates? Tardiness. And faffing.
What did you want to be when you grew up? A pilot
What's your favourite band? REM
What are your favourite geological words? Now that's a taxing question to ask a non-geologist! It would have to be cleavage.

Quick fire finale
Film or digital? Digital, of course!
Jurassic Park or 1 Million Years BC? 1 Million Years BC
David or Richard (attenborough): Richard!
Ansel Adams or David Bailey? Ooh tough - Bailey, by a nose.
Cox or Stewart? Iain Stewart.

*you'll be lucky if it's actually 20! The questions change to keep it interesting but if you have any suggestions just comment or tweet q's to @Ameltdown or @laurennotes!!


David Bailey said…
Thanks Paul, you are too kind!
Hope you've taken a few nice snaps like this while you're in Iceland