New Podcast: Critical Raw Materials

A picture of Andrew Bloodworth, smiling into the camera. The Rock the Mic logo is to the left of him, on the background of a graphic of the thin section of a rock.
BGS' Policy Director, Andrew Bloodworth

BGs has created Rock the Mic, a podcast which aims to discuss the most pressing geological topics of our time, with a specific focus on the upcoming COP26 climate conference in Glasgow this November. 

In this episode on critical raw materials (CRM) we speak to BGS’ Policy Director, Andrew Bloodworth, about what exactly these materials are, where they’re from and the crucial role they will play as we move towards a low-to-zero carbon future.

We also talk to Frances Wall, Professor of Applied Mineralogy at Camborne School of Mines, to learn how we, both as individuals and at a societal scale, can contribute towards a circular economy by keeping metals in use.

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