London Calling!! Lets shake rattle and rock!

Remember Remember the 5th of November... Why?

Because Roger Musson is visiting London to do a book signing. He'll be sat in the BGS office (not only is it our Information Office but a great shop as well) based inside the Natural History Museum from 2-5pm. His new book MILLION DEATH QUAKE is great, i know because i read it last weekend. Here's the proof and a glimpse at the chapters!

Now i'm a fast reader and i did have a lot of time on my hands travelling nearly the length of the country but it's such a page turner i think anyone would find it difficult to put down. It's a quick fire jaunt through the history of seismology and although it didn't impart the full 30 years of Rogers career it did make me more aware of (and awed by) the fiery and fragile planet we live on. It's packed with funny anecdotes and glimpses back through time, it's a fascinating read....... so if i hadn't already had my book signed and quizzed Roger about some of the chapters I'd be coming along on Monday to meet him.

Rogers book will be on sale, you can buy it and get it signed if you want, or just ask Roger any burning questions you have about seismology. There will be members of the press getting interviews so if you don't see Roger at the stand please wait or ask me if he'll be long! I'll be easy to find, I'm the big ginger girl taking photos all the time! Hope to see you there, here's the details.....

Find us at the NHM
Turn right at Dippy in the central corridor and follow signs to the red zone. We're just right of the massive ammonite!
See you Monday


"Dippy" - oh come on! That's OK for 8year olds, I suppose, but surely your target audience is a little ... older, if not much more mature. You're opposite the Great Wall Of Ichythyosaurs, no?

Not being metropolitan, I didn't contemplate attending. Does Dr Musson have plans for other PAs, or places where Q&A can happen (perhaps a good seismic discussion web forum?)