We raise the heat at British Science Festival

Today [6th Sept] was all about GSHP's (Ground Source Heat Pumps) and exploring the potential for getting 'free' heat from the ground into your homes and offices. Our BGS speakers were Diarmad Campbell, Corinna Abesser, Hugh Barron and not forgetting our amazing guest Dave Banks from Holymoor Consultancy who literally wrote the book on Thermogeology!

Dave speaking at the BGS 'Heat beneath your feet' British Science Event
Amazing Fact of the day:
Ground source heat could contribute at least 40% of Glasgow's heating demand! This heat could be extracted through GSHPs using underground geothermal stores of minewater, superficial deposits and bedrock aquifers. Read more about how us modelling Glasgow in 3D has helped discover more about the Heat beneath Glasgow.

3D model of Glasgows extensive mine workings
 Our friend Sarah Day from the GeolSoc wrote a great summary of the days event and the principles of GSHPs, please take a look and enjoy here: GeolSoc Blog.

For BGS research on GSHPs and to download our report 'Ground Source Heat Pumps: Development of GeoReports for potential site characterisation' visit our website page.