PODCAST: Geology is boring, right? What?! NO! Why scientists should communicate geoscience... by Catherine Pennington

Cath Pennington, BGS, at the Geological Society of London

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This is really starting to get on my nerves now.  For the umpteenth time, I have heard reference made to the world's definition of boring: geology. What?!


Talk to anybody at BGS about their science and they will be hopping about with enthusiasm.

So why doesn't the rest of the world see this?  Is it because us geologists are really boring, or is it actually that we need to be better at talking about what we do?

I went to London to a conference run by the Petroleum Group at the Geological Society where Communicating Geoscience was the topic.  Have a listen to the podcast to hear all about it.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the speakers and organisers at the conference.  I have used extracts from talks and interviews given by:

Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth 
Dr Laura Roberts, Petrotechnical Data Systems
Dr Jen Roberts, Strathclyde University
Dr Hazel Gibson, University of Plymouth 
Professor John Underhill, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Anna Szolucha, University of Bergen
Stephen Harris, The Conversation
Dr Stephanie Zihms, Heriot-Watt University
Jan Freedman, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Thanks also, of course, again to the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society, particularly Dr Kirstie Wright, Heriot-Watt University.


Anonymous said…
All scientists can take some tips from this excellent podcast. Thanks Caff!(Dave Boon, BGS)
Nick Z said…
Hey, this is well done! Hello from Ellensburg, Washington, USA.