BGS wins major impact award!

Scientists at BGS have been getting better at communicating what they are up to beyond just those in the know.  In fact, they have been getting so good at it that they have won an award!  In mid June, there was an awards ceremony in Sheffield, where the finalists gathered to see who would be selected to win Team of the Year at the PraxisUnico Impact Awards 2017.  This award is aimed at recognising knowledge exchange (a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, data, experience, and expertise) between organisations like BGS and external researchers, commercial groups and the public.

Dr Katherine Royse, Science Director GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate,
receiving the Team of the Year award from Nick Starkey,
Deputy Director (Strategy & Impact), Science & Research at BEIS
Dr Katherine Royse, Science Director of BGS’s GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate, went along to the gala dinner knowing her team was a finalist in the Team of the Year Category up against some stiff competition.  To her absolute delight, they won!

When asked about the award, Katherine said: "I am so pleased that the directorate has received this recognition. It's an awesome achievement! The Directorate have made significant impact in developing BGS data assets so that they provide both public good and commercial services. This award recognises the hard work and dedication of BGS staff to support the UK innovation agenda, thereby encouraging economic growth and improving societal health and wellbeing.”

Maxine Ficarra, Executive Director of PraxisUnico said:
I would like to congratulate the winners of the PraxisUnico RCUK Impact Awards. They, and all of the finalists, should all be immensely proud of their achievements and contributions. It is great to see so many innovative approaches to knowledge exchange and commercialisation, enabling UK research to deliver impact in so many diverse ways. This work is vital in ensuring that the UK remains competitive, innovative, and able to sustain economic growth.

The GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate is a part of BGS that aims to explain, explore and predict the Earth’s response to natural and human-induced environmental change.  Building better partnerships with the user community was a key part of the success of the team. By understanding the community’s needs, the GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate have been able to develop usable and understandable bespoke products and services. These include but are not limited to power networks, engineering consultancies, transport providers and the insurance sector, all of whom have contributed to the development of a number of key products and services to date.

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Well done everyone!

The GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate
Some of the GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate