BGS Stakeholder Event Prof John Ludden CBE

Every year we hold a forum to provide our stakeholders with a summary of recent science results, its impact, and our future direction. Here, our Executive Director, Prof John Ludden CBE, provides us with an update from the most recent stakeholder forum.

John Ludden presenting at the BGS Stakeholder Forum.
BGS held its biennial stakeholder event in the Geological Society of London in November. This event involved a number of different types of stakeholder which covered academia, governmental and the private sector.
Mike Stephenson (Director of Science and Technology) presented a snapshot of BGS science to 2021, where he underlined the vision of BGS to place infrastructure and real time monitoring at the heart of BGS science, in particular to underpin future energy development of the UK , but also in urban development and in sea-floor technology for mapping and resource development
Michelle Bentham (Head of Partnerships and Innovation) summarised our refreshed focus on the innovation pipeline form new ways of measuring the earth and applications to critical infrastructures to provide strategic data and ultimately spin out commercial activities and licences.
Questions from the audience had a strong focus on the UK regional agenda and underlined that although BGS is expanding its role overseas, and despite diminishing base line funding for the UK, there are important regional problems. Not the least of these are coastal erosion, development of new energy supplies and large infrastructure, such as HS2.
In conclusion of this event showed:
  • A shift in BGS towards real time subsurface monitoring underpinned by state of the art underground facilities and sensor development.
  • A stronger focus on innovation and partnerships
  • An opportunity for BGS to expand globally both in ODA implementation and in developed countries
  • The need to defining a new place for BGS in UKRI & UK government that ensures flexibility and allows BGS to prosper.
  • And finally, that BGS is at an exciting cross roads in its near 180 year development and we have a stakeholder group who believe in us.
Both the presentation delivered and the meeting itself can be viewed here.

John Ludden