Prize winning Joy... by Michael Watts

It's with great pride we share with you the super achievements of one of our sponsored PhD students Edward Joy. Edward is a student of the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry (CEG) and has won prizes both at the University of Nottingham (UoN) and BGS for his PhD research. His BGS supervisor Michael Watts sent us this...

Edward in his panama hat out in Malawi
Edward is a fantastic student and all his supervisors at the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, include myself, Dr Louise Ander (BGS), Professors Martin Broadley, Colin Black and Dr Scott Young (UoN) are very proud of his achievements.

The 'University of Nottingham Andrew Hendry prize' was presented in May 2014 to the University’s top postgraduate research students. Here is Professor Colin Black's testimonial about Edward:

Edward Joy is a third year PhD student in the Plant & Crop Science Division who is working on the supply of mineral micronutrients in human diets throughout Africa. His multidisciplinary work includes teams of soil and plant scientists, economists and human nutritionists in the UK and Africa.  Edward has already published 4 peer-reviewed papers regarding the risk of micronutrient deficiency in Africa and another recently submitted. He has completed geospatial analyses of micronutrient intake in Malawi after analysing many hundreds of soil, crop and water samples. His work has contributed greatly to our global understanding of dietary nutrient risks at a continental scale 

Edward has also made major contributions to wider University life through the Sutton Bonington Allotment Society, which received an RHS award in 2013, and numerous sporting activities in UK and Malawi.  You couldn’t hope to find a more pleasant, motivated and integrated PhD student.  Indeed, several Malawian “Mammas” have “adopted” him after he worked so effectively in their villages! 

A thoroughly deserved award for one of the next generation of leading UK agroecologists!”

Edward far right with his fellow BUFI prize winners
Edward also won a commended prize for his poster presentation on Dietary Mineral Supplies in Malawi at the BUFI (BGS University Funding Initiative) Science Festival on June 16th 2014, at which BGS sponsored PhD students presented updates on their research.

We cant wait to see what the future holds for Edward, keep your eyes peeled for this rising science star.

by Michael Watts