Have you ever baked a cake and it’s turned out to be complete disaster? by Jackie Swift

…. In this case, that was the (w)hole idea! 

On the 28th February Jackie Swift presented this cake to Dr Tony Cooper, our very own world-renowned sinkhole expert, to celebrate his retirement from BGS. 

Jackie said "I made this cake in tribute to his long and outstanding career, and to his all-round good-bloke-iness".

Jackie Swift is the Personal Assistant to the Science Director of Geology and Regional Geophysics at our Keyworth Office. Jackie also helps run the office baking club, Billy's Basement Bakers, who do amazing work for local charities. Last year they raised over £2000 by selling their own recipe book. Find out more about them on our website.  


Unknown said…
I LOVE this! I want to make it for my partner for his bday. He is obsessed and terrified of sink holes. Can you share with me how you made it?
I can share my email address if you like...
Unknown said…
Jackie's cake are the stuff legends are made of at the BGS, I think the recipes are usually closely guarded secrets but if you send me your email I can but ask! If you want to see more cool geology cakes hop over to the Geological Society of London's blog where they're running a great geo bake off!! http://blog.geolsoc.org.uk/2014/04/09/the-great-geobake-off/

My email is lnoakes@bgs.ac.uk and i'm Lauren, the Communications Officer and blog manager..... thanks for getting in touch.