Getting to know you...... by Jez Everest

Your name: Jez Everest
Your job title: Project Leader: Iceland Glacier Observatory
What that means in 5 words or less: Science coordinator and general dogsbody
Date: 8th May 2013
What did you do today: Got up at 4.30 to fly to Nottingham for a day of panicked meetings to organise our Royal Society exhibition

What creature comforts from home do you travel with? iPod and a good book
What did you want to be when you grew up? Han Solo
Who’s the best movie villain? Goldfinger
And fave movie hero? Silent Bob
Pet hate? Poor grammar
Favourite geological words? Bergschrund; pingo

Hammer or hand lens? Hand lens
The Day after Tomorrow or Ice Age? Day after tomorrow
David or Richard (Attenborough): David
Hutton or Smith? Hutton
Cox or Stewart? Stewart


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