Iceland fieldwork #4, and getting to know...Leanne Hughes

We’re getting towards the end of this Iceland field campaign: only tomorrow left now to finish everything we want to do, but it looks like our work might be cut short. The forecast for tomorrow is for really high winds – so much so that Oli, our landlord, has warned us to batten down the hatches and plan to stay in the house. That’s Iceland weather for you! So we’ve brought inside everything that might blow away and are watching and waiting...

In the meantime, here’s another 20 (ish) questions, this time answered by Leanne Hughes, who’s been finding out more about the amazing volcanic geological history of the rocks around and underneath the glacier we’re studying.

Your name: Leanne Hughes
Your job title: Survey geologist
What that means in 5 words or less: Mapping rocks and glacial deposits.
Date: Saturday 27 April
What did you do today: Found a nye channel, which is where glacial meltwater has cut right into the bedrock, and discovered a continuation of basalt behind the Virkisjokull icefall. And roped up to cross some scary crevasses!


What creature comforts from home do you travel with?  Jelly babies, and cake mix!
What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher
Who’s the best movie villain? The penguin out of The Wrong Trousers
And fave movie hero? Hornblower
Pet hate? Technology failures
Favourite geological words? Scoriacious

Quick fire finale

Hammer or hand lens? Spade!
The Day after Tomorrow or Ice Age? Ice Age, definitely!
David or Richard (Attenborough): David
Hutton or Smith?
Mary Anning
Cox or Stewart?

Leanne Hughes on Virkisjokull