Iceland Fieldwork #1 - We're here! by Dr Jez Everest

The wind is blowing, making the pipes hum in the house we are staying in. Yes we're back at our comfy digs in Svinafell, with a team comprising folks looking at groundwater flow, structural glaciology, glacier geophysics, bedrock and superficial geology. We also have Paul with us, who is filming and photographing everything we are up to, with the aim of producing videos for the BGS website, and also for our stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in July (2nd to the 7th... big plug- come and see us!).

Our first day was spent getting up to speed with what the glacier has been up to since we left in September, and oh my it's been busy! Thanks to PhD student Verity's ablation measurements we know it's been busy melting, but also it's been changing river courses, collapsing, building massive alluvial fans and generally misbehaving in our absence.

We have a full programme of fieldwork to get through, and a full fridge, and we're champing at the bit...
just need the weather to change...
...a bit :-)

Jez (19th)