Getting to know you..... by Emrys Philips

I've asked Brighid O Dochartaigh to don the hat of Question Master whilst she's out in Iceland. Armed with a series of interesting and irrelevant questions she's working her way round all our scientists...... (I must remind her to ask herself these questions at some point). Hope this gives you a bit of insight into their lives and work in the field... Up first Emrys Philips.

in Iceland

Getting to know you… 
Your name: Emrys Phillips
Your job title: Earth Scientist
What that means in 5 words or less!: Looking at dirt and ice
Date: Monday 22 April 2013
What did you do today?: I measured cracks in ice - that is, looked at structures in the ice of Virkisjokull which are associated with glacier flow.

What creature comforts from home do you travel with? Gin
What’s for dinner and who’s cooking? Fish, hollandaise sauce (out of a packet), mashed potatoes and peas, cooked by Dr Jez Everest, project manager and DJ
What do you wish was for dinner and who would be cooking it? Salmon and marshmallows, cooked by Leanne, project geological mapper
What did you want to be when you grew up? An artist
Who’s the best movie villain? Roy Batty - terrible name, great villain. Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner
What are your favorite geological words? Slippery bottom. I'm giving a keynote talk on them in September in Manchester! 

Quick fire finale 
Hammer or hand lens? trowel
Laptop or pencil? Pencil!
Igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic? Sediment (not ary!)
Jurassic Park or Armageddon? neither!
David or Richard: Attenborough? David
Hutton or Smith? Hutton
Cox or Stewart? nah.